Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights looking old and faded? Cloudy? Milky? Scuffed? Or just generally worse for wear?

This affects the look of your vehicle, but it also has an impact on the light output of your headlights, and which can result in an MOT failure.

Fear not! this does not mean you need to spend money on a new set!

Here at PDs detailing we do more than just valeting and detailing, we specialize in every aspect of car care.

We sand back the coating on the outside of your headlight lenses using very fine wet sandpaper which will remove the coating on the outside of your headlight lenses.

After this, we will give your lenses a multi-stage machine polish to bring back the clarity and clearness of your lenses and restoring them to a near as new look as shown in the photos shown.

Our final stage is treating your lenses with a ceramic coating to stop the UV rays and heat damaging the outside of your lenses again.

The cost for this service is £60 per pair.

PLEASE NOTE: this service can be messy, it is normally best to couple it with a car valet, so your vehicle looks its best!

Headlight restoration Leicester

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headlight restoration Leicester

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Headlight restoration