Deep Clean

With PD’s deep valet clean it does exactly what it says, leaves your pride and joy looking fantastic with deep glowing cleanliness!

You will be shocked when you see what this package achieves.

Remember to discuss you’re follow-up maintenance cleans.

This package takes 5-7 hours depending on vehicle size.

Package Includes
  • A pre-wash/snow foam wash in preparation for intricate clean using detailing soft brush for gaps and edges. Then two buckets, two mitts with grit guard method.
  • Wheel clean. arch, tires, and exhaust tips cleaned
  • Full liquid decontamination process, iron filings, and tar and glue removal.
  • Car dried using luxury towels/air blower.
  • High-grade wax/and or sealant applied (6 months protection).
  • Windows cleaned
  • Tires dressed
Then we move onto the interior
  • Full interior hoover and clean.
  • Interior steam clean
  • Leather ( if applicable ) professionally cleaned and Leather Balmed
  • Interior components deep cleaned (dash, doors, wheel, etc).
  • The door shuts cleaned. 
  • interior windows cleaned.
  • Floor mats air compressed to remove ground-in dirt for a flush clean look.
  • The car is left with a luxury scent

Prices below

Please read the T&C’s  before booking

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