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Ceramic coatings its what we do, “We are experts at fixing issues with the appearance of any vehicle. Increasing its value and unlocking its full potential for the owner.”

Looking for the complete package, with machine polishing? click here LEVEL 3 DETAIL 

Are you ready to transform the look of your car?

Professional ceramic coatings in Leicester at sensible prices

A professional ceramic coating will strengthen and increase the hardness of the lacquer of your car, which greatly improves scratch resistance and fragility. The paint gets a visibly deeper shine and color, combined with an “easy to clean” effect and a strong water-repellent layer.

Please don’t be fooled into buying a dealership ceramic coating! for around the same price, we can apply a professional coating that will last and actually protect your car!

Once a vehicle has been treated with Ceramic coating, insects no longer stick to the surface, and paint is protected from road grime, salt, UV radiation, aggressive chemicals, acid rain, and everything that would normally reduce the gloss and brilliance of the paint.

When we have discussed your requirements, we ensure your car is fully prepared before applying the ceramic coating and removing minor defects in the vehicle paintwork, only when we are happy the ceramic coating will be applied to give your vehicle that extra glossy shine that gives your car appeal and value.

See our starting prices below for “ceramic application only” to protect your vehicle with quality  12-month coatings, for 2 & 3, or 5-year coatings please get in touch.

Machine polishing is at extra cost, this will be at a discounted rate with a ceramic coating package.

Please call to discuss our packages available to you to suit all budgets.

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